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THU, 29 JUL 2021 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  SAT, 20 JUN 2020 18:15

KDP Expresses Concern over Turkish, Iranian Border Attacks

The Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) has conveyed “deep concerns” over the recent Turkish airstrikes and Iranian artillery bombings in the border areas of Kurdistan Region which have left five civilians killed. The ruling party of Kurdistan Region said in a statement that the issue of Turkish and Iranian border attacks “is not new as they bombarded the borders in the previous years as well”. it is repeated for years, and every time we spoke with the parties concerned we informed and they assured us that these operations do not represent a hostile act against the Kurdistan Region in any way, and that the reason for the bombing is the presence of Kurdish opposition militants on the territory of the region, which is launching military operations against Iran and Turkey. “We have sent them our concern. They argue that the bombardments are in response to opposition groups which use Kurdistan Region territories to attack Iran and Turkey,” stated in the statement. The KDP emphasized that it supports peaceful and democratic attempts in other parts of Kurdistan to persevere the rights of Kurds, but reiterates opposition to bloodshed and violence. It also warned that the opposition groups, including the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), currently controls about 500 villages in the Kurdistan Region, and we have been ignoring it until now, but the continuation of this situation will cause more shelling and endanger other areas of the region." PKK should abide by the laws and general policies of the Kurdistan Regional Government or it may further endanger civilian lives in Kurdistan. “If the PKK and other armed parties cannot respect the governance of Kurdistan Region, they should move their war to their true battleground and end putting people in Kurdistan Region at risk,”.

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