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FRI, 14 AUG 2020 Kurdistan Region (GMT +3)
KDP FR ■  WED, 24 JUN 2020 17:33

Fazil Mirani Secretary of the Kurdistan Democratic Party Politburo received Ambassador James Thornton the United Kingdom Consul General to Kurdistan Region.

Ambassador James Thornton, Consul General of the United Kingdom to Kurdistan Region visited KDP Politburo Headquarters in Pirman and met with Fazil Mirani, Secretary of KDP Politburo and attended by Hoshyar Siwaily head of KDP Foreign Relations Office During the meeting a number of issues on the Federal and Regional levels were discussed. The issues included relations with Baghdad and the ongoing negotiations between the two sides. Internal dynamics and relations between the political parties in Kurdistan Region in particular between KDP and PUK were covered. The current military operations by Turkey and Iran on the border areas and the destabilising role played by PKK were also brought to the attention of the UK Consul General. Ambassador Thornton reiterated his country’s support to Kurdistan Region. Also mentioned that UK and Kurdistan Region have been working together for some years and achieved a lot so we needs to develop and strengthen our relations aims to expand our mutual interest and benefits. Fight terrorism and support Iraqi forces and Peshmarga were discussed, Ambassador Thornton reiterate the support of the United Kingdom to Kurdistan region.

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